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2025 Training

January 12th-17th

March 23rd-28th


Haw River State Park 

Summit Conference Center

The Park Ranger Institute stands at the forefront of a crucial mission: to enrich the knowledge and skills of those tasked with the stewardship of our parks. This mission is not just about preserving the natural beauty and integrity of park lands for future generations; it's also about ensuring that every visitor's experience is safe, educational, and memorable. By offering comprehensive and diverse training, we aim to address the multifaceted challenges that today's park visitors, lands, and staff face. From ecological conservation practices to effective visitor engagement strategies, the curriculum is designed to be as expansive as the landscapes it seeks to protect.


Open to all park and police agencies, The Park Ranger Institute fosters a collaborative learning environment where participants from varied backgrounds can share insights, strategies, and best practices. This inclusivity is not just a testament to the institute's commitment to community and collaboration but also enhances the learning experience, providing a richer, more nuanced understanding of the challenges at hand. By welcoming a diverse group of attendees, the institute ensures that the training it offers is relevant, dynamic, and reflective of the diverse needs of parks nationwide.


As parks continue to be vital refuges for wildlife and humans alike, the role of park rangers and related staff becomes increasingly complex and demanding. Whether it's managing natural resources, conducting educational programs, or ensuring public safety, the training provided by the institute ensures that park staff are well-prepared to meet these challenges head-on, making a lasting positive impact on the lands they serve, the people who visit them, and the staff who maintain and manage the land.

 The Park Ranger Institute was founded in 1978.




March 2024 Session 

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