Since 1978 The Park Ranger Institute has offered inclusive, hands-on, specialized training and networking opportunities for Rangers who are sworn or non-sworn; programming and maintenance personnel, naturalists and administrators.
Our goal is to provide comprehensive training in areas that directly relate to and affect today's park land, park visitors and park staff. The Park Ranger Institute is open to all park and police agencies.

The Park Ranger Institute is hosted by the North Carolina Justice Academy


The 2021 Park Ranger Institute will be held at the west campus of the North Carolina Justice Academy, located at 3971 Chimney Rock Rd., Edneyville, North Carolina

The west campus provides nine classrooms with modern presentation technology, a dormitory that can house 72 students, a gymnasium that includes a full-service weight room, an indoor firing range with 12 lanes for pistol/shotgun/rifle fire, a cafeteria, and large field with a ¼-mile running/walking track.

Dormitory Information
Institute attendees will be  housed at the academy's dormitories. Towels, washcloths, bed linen, soap, alarm clocks and paper supplies are provided. You should bring toilet articles. Do not bring electrical cooking appliances, or pets.

Alcohol Policy
Underage drinking is a violation of state law and will not be tolerated. All students attending the Institute will have their ages verified with a photo ID (preferably a drivers license).


Consuming of alcoholic beverages in any of the following areas is absolutely prohibited:

  • Jones Auditorium (Salemburg campus)

  • Justice academy gym (either campus)

  • Justice academy cafeteria (either campus) 

  • Justice academy classrooms (either campus)

Areas where consumption of alcoholic beverages are permitted:

  • Student lounge

  • Dormitory lounges

  • Dormitory rooms


No open displays of alcohol when moving from one campus location to another will be allowed (ie; walking with beer cans or liquor or wine bottles in plain view). Effective with the 2012 Institute the student lounge will close at 12 midnight.


All board members will be on the lookout for any violation of this policy. Any violations will be reported directly to the Executive Director at which time the offender(s) will be asked to leave the Institute, no exceptions. There will be no refunds and your college or agency will be notified by the Executive Director of your actions.

Smoking Policy
North Carolina law prohibits smoking in state buildings and within 25 feet of any entrance. Two gazebos have been provided for smoking areas. Please be courteous and deposit smoking waste in the proper container.

Parking passes will be issued to all attendees at the dormitory office.  The student parking areas on the campus are marked with signs.  Please use these designated areas for parking.  Do not park on the grass.

Training includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. The cafeteria food service is provided by a private contractor.  Meal times will be posted in the class syllabus.  

Quiet Hours
Quiet hours will be observed from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. No loud music, televisions, or general noise from groups or individuals is permitted during these hours. Guests not following this rule will be referred to academy staff and may be removed from the dormitory. Additionally, a student recreation area is located in the gymnasium.

The gymnasium is available to academy guests. The academy’s gymnasium recreational facilities include a recreation room equipped with ping-pong, darts, pool table, large screen TV and a beverage machine. The exercise room is a fully equipped aerobic and weight training facility containing a variety of exercise equipment and free weight equipment. The gymnasium is a regulation basketball court, adaptable to handball and volleyball.

Weapons of any type will not be allowed in the dormitories at any time or for any reason. All weapons should be locked in the trunk of your vehicle.
Classes that require weapons will be provided a place (other than the dorm) for cleaning.

No pets or working dogs are allowed in the dormitory at any time. Special cases must be approved by the Deputy Director.