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Michael R.

Environmental Education & Lakes Supervisor

City of Greensboro, NC


The Park Ranger Institute is undoubtedly one of my favorite parts of the year.  The opportunity to learn and bond with a multitude of like-minded individuals from a variety of backgrounds is a rare gift that sets this little known gem of an experience far above other professional development options.  Not only do you have the privilege to learn from professionals across a multitude of fields, but with so many varying backgrounds among the participants, it is a giant melting pot of ideas, knowledge and inspiration that helps to push you to new heights of your abilities.  You will leave the Institute at the end of the session with new knowledge to help you in your career, new ideas to further your goals, and new friends from many different places.  An open and welcoming learning experience, everyone has a voice and something worthwhile to contribute.  There is a definite sense of community, and no matter what field you hail from – the Institute has something amazing for you.    

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Zachary Zelazny

Pittsburgh Park Ranger

I return to the Park Ranger Institute every year for the unique educational opportunities that it provides. In particular I enjoy the many varying excursions and field trainings held by highly experienced staff. The PRI's partnerships with many local groups gives me access to top educators in conservation, forest management, recreation, and even astronomy. The PRI is able to offer a great deal of classes to fit the needs of both sworn and non-sworn personnel, and is a great value in cost and convenience. 

This is one of the best hands on training conferences that I have attended.  Great instructors form different parks throughout the U. S. with a diversity of knowledge.  


Steven Steingass

Kennesaw Mountain NBP

Park Ranger 

Law Enforcement

David Warren

Parks & Recreation Supervisor

City Of Virginia Beach


I’ve had the privilege of attending the Park Ranger Institute for 5 years. It’s an amazing experience that I would recommend to any Park Professional. Classes are geared towards Park Managers and Park Rangers and is taught by professionals working in these fields. Not only do these professionals teach but they attend classes as well. From the Director Mr. Byrd on down, the entire institute is open to networking and sharing their experiences. During the week long course you are given the opportunity to visit local facilities, network with other organizations, problem solve, and generate new ideas. I only wish the class was longer. I highly recommend the Park Ranger institute.

The Park Ranger Institute is a great training experience and as a supervisor I can send a group of Rangers rather than just one or two because the price is so reasonable.


Captain Steven C. Savidge

Delaware Natural Resources Police

I have attended the North Carolina Park Ranger Institute for over 10 years. I have found this training to be one of the best values in training for a park professional anywhere.

Park professionals teaching others seems to be a great method of getting the true boots on the ground info out to people in our field. The other guest speakers in Education and other special topic areas added to the rounded education make up. All it takes is one day to start building a great network of like minded professionals and getting hooked with new friends.


George D. Filomarino

Park Supervisor II

Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation.

I just wanted to give my regards and thank you for everything you have helped me with over the past years. I am grateful for the time I spent along side the Institute and for all the skills and knowledge I have acquired. I would like to congratulate all the staff and instructors for their mentoring and teaching. Day to day I use everything I have learned at the Institute and it is of enormous benefit to me. I strongly advise and encourage people who are interested in a career in this domain to attended the Institute. And beside all the learning, there is an amazing atmosphere at the Institute. I have gained lots of memories, experiences and friendships during my time at the Institute. It is truly a great environment to progress and advance in. I am very eager to attend again and progress further, hopefully this time joined with colleagues.

I would like to extend my greetings to all the staff and attendees and wish them a great time advancing in their domain. This Institute is the perfect tool in a Park Ranger's career and encourage you to continue providing it to all who are interested.

Kind Regards,

Reno Batog

Park Constable,

St. Stephan's Green, Ireland


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