Please check back frequently - guidelines are subject to change

1.) Cleaning of rooms and items in rooms after each session? There will be a deep cleaning of all facilities before we arrive. There will be supplies in the rooms so Justice Academy staff and us if we choose can clean items between classes.


2.) Is there a maximum number of students allowed in the classrooms? Currently classrooms are at half occupancy and that number is posted on the doors.


3.) Food service - All food will be served by staff at meals, all extras will be behind glass and staff will have to get them for you ( this to include snack items, prepared salads etc.) There will be a list of available beverages listed (soft drinks, bottled water, etc.) and staff will get those for you. They will be using Styrofoam cups and disposable utensils. The cafeteria has a capacity of 150 so social distancing will be no problem.


4.) Are mask required outside individual rooms at all times? At this time they are asking everyone to wear a mask at all times. As I mentioned before they are restricting all dorm rooms to single occupancy at this time. Elevators are restricted to one person at a time, water fountains are cut off, public bathrooms are restricted to 3 people at a time. All this information will be posted at each location.


5.) Bus operations - are pretty much back to normal. There will be a one seat gap between passengers and driver. You will be asked to wear a mask while on bus and social distance as best you can. Drivers will wipe down bus in between travel.